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A writer that defends the condition of the realistic literature, Marin Preda considers that, without notions like history, truth, reality, prose would make no sense. He makes a literature inspired from the contemporary realities, undertaking moral or existential themes in a highly dense epic, that has settled Romanian prose on the terms of psychological analysis. 

"The only thing that I remember very well  is that at the age of 13 I became self-conscious. I realized that there was inside me a certain being I was aware of. I had just read The Bible and Descartes on the common."

Marin Preda

"In Marin Preda's notes on art, I could find two obsessions: one refers to the possibility of the literary work to regain the totality of the human self, and the second one refers to the act of creation itself. To write is for him, as for Sartre, to discover the sense of the plenitude and totality that exists in man, to make the individual feel essential comparing to the Universe. Preda is not a man of fragmentariness, he is a man of totality, as Malraux, Camus, and once again, as Sartre."

 Translated from Simion, Eugen (1985). Sfidarea retoricii. Bucuresti: Cartea Românească

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