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  MARIN PREDA b. 1922

d. 1980

1960 1960-1961 he reads the great novelists of the world. He is fascinated by William Faulkner.
1965 Marin Preda translates A. Camus' The Plague.
1922 On 5 August Marin Preda is born in Silistea Gumesti, Teleorman. He attends primary school in his native village.  1968 Marin Preda is elected vice-president of the Union of Writers.
1937 In September his father sends him to school in Abrud, and then he will go to Cristur-Odorhei. 1970 He is named manager of the Cartea Românească Publishing House.
1940 The school he was attending closes and Marin Preda is moved to Bucharest. 1970 Together with Niculae Gane he translates Feodor Dostoievski's novel entitled The Demons
1941 Finishing school he does not return to his native village, and he is proof-reader at Timpul. 1971 Marin Preda's novel The Great Lonely One is awarded the Union of the Writers' prize. 
1943 Between 1943 and 1945 Mircea Eliade is in the army. He will use this experience in his later works. 1974 He is elected as correspondent member of the Romanian Academy.
1945 He is proof-reader at România liberă (Free Romania) 1976 The novel The Great Lonely One appears in its second edition.
1952 He is an editor at the cultural newspaper Viata Românească.  1977 Marin Preda publishes Life as a Prey, an ample novel about the crystallizing of an artist's consciousness. 
1956 Marin Preda receives the State Prize for his novel Morometii. 1980 Preda's last novel, The Most Beloved of Earthmen is published.
1957 Marin Preda makes a trip to Vietnam. Returning home, he makes a stop at Pekin. 1980 On 16 May, Marin Preda dies under strange circumstances.