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d. 1983

1960 Stănescu makes his editorial debut with The Sense of Love
1969 He visits several countries, among them: Finland, Italy, France.
1975 Nichita Stănescu receives the Herder prize.
1933 Nichita Stănescu is born on 31 March, in Ploiesti. He will attend primary school in his native town. 1975 In Sweeden, the translation Kampen Mellan Inalvor och Verklighet is published
1944 Between 1944-1952 he attends the St. Petru and Pavel high-school and then the I.L. Caragiale high-school. 1979 Stavros Deligiorgis publishes an ample translation entitled Unfinished Works
1952 He is a student in philology at the University of Bucharest. 1980 Together with Gheorghe Tomozei he publishes a volume for chilren: Book to Read, Book to Love.
1956 Stănescu visits Ion Agârbiceanu and Lucian Blaga in Cluj with a group of friends.
1957 He graduates the University of Bucharest in philology. 1982 He is a laureate of the Golden Coronet prize of the "Poetical Evenings from Strunga" International Festival in Macedonia.
1957 1957-1960 he is proof reader and then editor at The Literary Gazette. He has as friends Grigore Hagiu, Fănus Neagu, N. Breban, N. Velea, Aurel Covaci, and others. 1983 On 13 December Nichita Stănescu dies suddenly.