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          "When I opened my eyes, I was

         "Tell me, if I caught you one day
          in this body you can see           and kissed your foot,
          and as guilty was I of its kind           wouldn't you limp a while, afterwards,
          as guilty are the leaves for being green.           afraid not to crush my kiss...?"
          And suddenly I became to know Autumn Emotion           
          the ways of the world and of the calls          "Autumn is here, cover my heart
          and to feel all of the trees, alive,          with the shadow of a tree, or your shadow
          and the painful curve of the horizon.          Sometimes, I fear I won't see you anymore
          And torn by quick birds I scream,          that I'll grow sharp wings, up to the clouds,
          to burn down hit by a meteor,          that you'll hide in somebody else's eye,
          to fall asleep on long, swan necks,          and he'll close himself in a wormwood leaf.
          and hit by oars, to die.          
          Oh, every sound is as an elephant fang,          And then, I get close to the stones, silent
          with its tusk twisted in the noon,          I take the words, drown them in the sea.
          and each glance, raving,           I whistle the moon, rise her, transform her
          recomposes in cold, myth-like letters."          in a great love."

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Winter Song


The Embrace


          "You are so beautiful, in the winter!

         "When we saw each other, the air 
          The field lying down, beside the horizon          between us threw away, at once,
          and the trees stopped from the north wind.          the image of the naked, indifferent trees,
          My nostrils are shaking          that it let get through.
          and there isn't a single scent,           
          a single breeze,          Oh, we ran, calling our names
          just the faraway smell, of ice,          towards each other, and so quickly,
          of suns.          that time got flat between our chests,
          How clear your hands are, in the winter!          and the hour, hit, broke up into minutes.
          And nobody goes by          
          just the white suns, turn quietly,          I would have liked to keep you in my arms
          and the thought grows in the skies           as I hold the body of my childhood, in past
          voicing the trees,            with its unrepeated deaths.
          by twos,          And I would have liked to embrace you  
          by fours."                  with my ribs"

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All poems translated by © Gustav Demeter from

Stănescu, Nichita (1985). Ordinea cuvintelor, Bucuresti: Ed. Cartea românească