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d. 1889

1878 Mihai Eminescu has an intense activity as a publicist at Timpul, Convorbiri literare
1883 In January he is in the hospital for a while.
1883 On 4 June Eminescu returns to Iasi, and on 28 June he becomes very ill again.
1850 Mihai Eminescu is born in Ipotesti on the 15 January as the 7th child of the Eminescu family.  1884 He leaves the hospital after another period of convalescence and makes a trip to Italy, then he returns to Bucharest.
1858 From 1858 to 1860 he attends primary school. 1884 On 7 April Eminescu moves back to Iasi.
1860 Between 1860 and 1861 he attends Ober Gymnasyum in Cernăuti 1886 During the summer, Mihai Eminescu becomes alienated, and his illness returns maybe worse than ever. Soon, he will get somewhat better.
1867 Eminescu is hired as prompter in Mihail Pascaly's theater gruop.
1869 On 2 October he enters The University of Philosophy in Vienna. 1887 In spring, he is in the Sf. Spiridon hospital in Botosani.
1872 1872-1874 Mihai Eminescu is a student in Berlin, where he comes into contact with the great literature of the world. 1888 His illness becomes worse and worse, so that he does not even write anymore.
1873 He receives a job at the Romanian Consulate in Berlin. 1889 On 3 September he is in hospital again, this time at Mărcuta hospital.
1874 Mihai Eminescu is the manager of the Central Library from Iasi. 1889 During the night on 15 June, at 3 am, Mihai Eminescu dies in dr. Sutu's sanatorium.
1876 He is proof reader and editor of unofficial branch of the newspaper Curierul de Iasi 1889 On 17 June, Mihai Eminescu, the greatest Romanian poet, is buried in the Bellu cemetry.
1877 Eminescu leaves Iasi and goes to Bucharest, where he is an editor at Timpul