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The first volume of poems was published in 1883, and is entitled Poems. Since then, complete editions contain almost 300 poems - 90 published during his lifetime and 200 after his death. Some of them are: The Evening Star (Luceafărul), Mortua Est, The Cicle of Letters, The Epigones, The Lake, Loneliness, O Mother, Adios, And Only..., Diana, Angel and Daemon, Melancoly, The Wish, At Bucovina, Hope, The Mysteries of the Night, When the Sea..., Why Shoul You Die?, If I Should Die or if You Should Die, The Blue Flower, Demonism, Memento Mori, The Deep Sea, The Ghosts, What Is Love?, Ode, Leave Your World, I Have a Final Wish, To The Star, etc.

Prose Drama
1870   Făt-Frumos-din-Lacrimă  P.M.   Lost Love - Lost Life
1872   Poor Dionysus  P.M.   Mira
1876   At the Aniversary  P.M.   Muresanu
1876   Cezara  P.M.   Decebal
 P.M.   Deserted Genius  P.M.   Grue Sânger
 P.M.   Pharaoh Tla's Avatars  P.M.   Bogdan Dragos
 P.M.   Gold, Glory and Love    
 P.M.   In Vasile Creangă's Home    

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