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Ion Creangă is the greatest Romanian story teller. His main characteristics are his cheerfulness, his vitality and love for people. That is why, most of his prose consists of stories in which he creates an individual work starting from the folklore.

"There live in Creangă the beliefs, the customs, the language, poetry, the philosophy of the common people. The story is as valuable as the talent of the story teller. And Creangă has so much talent that in his stories people live with extraordinary power of life and have a surprising individuality."

         Translated from G. Ibrăileanu (1920). Povestirile lui Creangă. Iasi

"The realism resulting from the interest for the detail and the stylistic individuality is a product of Creangă's art. First of all, Creangă fixes the text once and for all, so that no other edition is possible. His secret is in the study of the effects, in the rare words, in the story's fixed character."

        Translated from Călinescu, George (1964). Ion Creangă. Bucuresti: EPL

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