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  ION CREANGA b. 1837

d. 1889

1872 Creang„ leaves the educational system. 
1874 He becomes a teacher again, this time in P„curari.
1875 Ion Creang„ meets Mihai Eminescu.
1876 Creang„ starts publishing his stories in "Convorbiri literare".
1837 Ion Creang„ is born on the 1st of March in Humulesti. Others consider the 10th of June as his day of birth. This hesitation is due to a lack of a document attesting the writer's birth. He will spend his childhood in his native village and its surroundings, which will inspire him in writing his masterpiece, Memories of my Boyhood. 1879 Creang„ is mentioned in Angelo de Gubernatis's Dizionario biografico degli scrittori contemporanei (The Biographical Dictionary of Contempo- rary Writers).
1881 He starts publishing his masterpiece: Memories of my Boyhood
1847 He begins his studies in his native village. 1882 The second part of Memories of my Boyhood are published in "Convorbiri literare".
1849 Creang„ goes to the school in Brosteni.
1853 Taking the name Ion Stef„nescu, he goes to school in TÓrgu Neamt. 1883 Creang„ becomes ill. 
1884 His health deteriorates even further. 
1860 In the autumn, Ion Creang„ begins his studies in theology at the University of Iasi. 1888 The fourth part of Memories of my Boyhood is published.
1864 He becomes a teacher in a primary school in Iasi. 1889 On the 31st of December, Ion Creang„ dies, the same year as Eminescu.