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The "Case-sensitive" and "Search-type" functions are optional - if you leave them out, the search will default to no case-sensitivity and exact search, (meaning a search for "TrIPod" will find "Tripod") and exact search (in which a search for "Tripod homepages" will only produce exact matches). A 'Fuzzy' search will call up results with a matching prefix, so if you search for 'the,', your search will also find "then" and "thereabouts."

The text search engine allows queries to be formed from arbitrary Boolean expressions containing the keywords AND, OR, and NOT, and grouped with parentheses. For example:

information retrieval

finds documents containing 'information' or 'retrieval'
information or retrieval

same as above
information and retrieval

finds documents containing both 'information' and 'retrieval'
information not retrieval

finds documents containing 'information' but not 'retrieval'
(information not retrieval) and WAIS

finds documents containing 'WAIS', plus 'information' but not 'retrieval'

finds documents containing words starting with 'web'