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Mircea Eliade

(1907 - 1986)

Marin Preda

(1922 - 1980)


Mihai Eminescu

(1850 - 1889)

Nichita Stănescu

(1933 - 1983)

Welcome to The Romanian Literature Site. This site's main purpose is to promote some of the greatest Romanian writers of all times that have earned their places in universal literature. 

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You will find at each writer the following sections: Biography, Published Works, Critical Views, Texts. You will also find some links to literary and cultural sites in the Links section. I invite you to sign my Guest Book or to send me an email or fill in a form to send me feedback with your opinions and suggestions about this site. You can find out more about me here. You are also invited to take part in a Discussion Forum about Romanian writers.

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