Mihai Eminescu The year 2000 is in Romania The Mihai Eminescu Year, as it is the anniversary of 150 years since the poet's birth. He was born on the 15th of January 1850 in Ipotesti as the 7th child of the Eminescu family. He died on the 15th of June 1889. Eminescu is Romania's national poet with an overwhelming personality. As Zoe Dumitrescu-Busulenga said, "with Mihai Eminescu we have in the European 
literature the last great romantic poet, keeping in his existence and in his works the characteristic contour of the romantic artists' drama."

Eminescu was always in conflict with his contemporaries and with the world he lived in, having a difficult time in trying to impose himself as one of the greatest poets in Romanian Literature. A few years after his death, his true value was recognized, and he is nowadays considered the greatest poet ever in the Romanian literature, being also a valuable part of world literature.

"The Mihai Eminescu Year" consists in Romania of cultural manifestations to remember Eminescu, such as poetry readings, conferences with papers on Eminescu, and more, which will be held throughout the period between 15th of January 2000 and 15th of June 2000. There is also a daily program on the Romanian TV station PRO TV, where famous Romanian actors recite and act Mihai Eminescu's most known poems.

We decided to join these manifestations, and celebrate "The Mihai Eminescu Year" on RomanianLiterature.com as well. This is done by the presentation you are reading. More than that, RomanianLiterature.com's Newsletter will also have an "Eminescu Section" in each of its issues up to the 15th of June, with interesting facts about the poet and some of his poems that are not on this site. We also invite you to a discussion on Eminescu on our Discussion Forum or on our mailing list (you can subscribe on our home page - click here).


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