Published Works

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Prose Scientific Work
1925   The Novel of a Short-Sighted Adolescent 1936   Yoga. Essai sur les origines de la
1930   Isabel and the Waters of the Devil     mistique indienne (Yoga. Essay on the
1933   Maitreyi     Origins of the Indian Mysticism
1934   The Light That Fades 1942   The Myth of Reintegration
1934   The Return from Heaven 1949   Treaties on the History of Religions
1935   The Workshop 1949   The Myth of the Eternal Return
1935   The Hooligans, I-II 1956   The Sacred and the Profane
1936   Miss Christina 1963   Aspects of the Myth
1937   Ths Snake 1970   From Zalmoxis to Genghis-Han
1939   Wedding in Heaven 1976   The History of the Religious Beliefs and
1940   Doctor Honigberger's Secret     Ideas
1955   ForÍt Interdite      
1963   Short Stories      
1969   On M‚ntuleasa Street      
1978   In Dionisos' Backyard      
1980   Nineteen Roses      
1980   Memoirs      

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