Published Works

Critical Views Texts References
Poetry Plays
1919   The Poems of Light 1921   Zamolxe
1921   The Steps of the Prophet 1923   The Muddying of the Water
1934   In the Great Passage 1925   Daria
1929   Praise of the Sleep 1925   The Deed
1933   At the Balance of Waters 1925   Resurrection
1938   At the Courts of Longing 1927   Manole the Craftsman
1943   Poems 1930   The Crusade of Children
1962   Poems 1934   Avram Iancu

 Philosophy. Essayistic. Aphorisms. Memoirs

1919   Stones for my Temple 1939   Art and value
1922   Culture and Knowledge 1941   About the Magic Thinking
1924   The Philosophy of Style 1942   Religion and Spirit
1925   The Faces of an Age 1942   Science and Creation
1926   Colored Windows 1943   The Trilogy of Knowledge
1931   The Dogmatic Eon 1944   The Trilogy of Culture
1933   The Luciferic Knowledge 1945   The Discus Thrower
1936   Horizon and Style 1946   The Trilogy of Values
1936   The Space of the Miorita 1946   The Chimney Sweeper and the Song of 
1937   The Genesis of the Metaphor and the         the Ages 
       Meaning of Culture  

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