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  LUCIAN BLAGA b. 1895

d. 1961

1932 He is press secretary, and then counselor at the Romanian Legacy in Vienna
1933 The poet's mother, Nina Blaga, dies in Sibiu at the age of 74
1935 He receives the C. Hamagiu prize of the Romanian Academy for his dramatic and poetic activity from the latest years
1895 On 9 May Lucian Blaga is born in Lancrăm, near Alba Iulia, as the ninth son of a family of priests. He will start school in his native village, but he will attend primary school in Sebes and high school in Brasov. From this early stage he becomes acquainted with Friedrich Schiller's work 1936 Lucian Blaga is elected a member of the Romanian Academy, in the Arts section
1937 He is transferred to the Romanian Legacy in Berne, as a press counselor.  
1938 He is named minister in Portugal.
1909 After his father's death, the family moves to Sebes. Blaga also makes his debut this year. 1943 In Sibiu he publishes the magazine Saeculum, which will be published until 1944.
1911 He makes a trip to Italy, where he spends most of his time in book shops looking for books of philosophy and visiting the ancient sites. 1949 Lucian Blaga is entrusted by the Romanian Academy to edit two chapters from The History of Romanian Philosophy
1914 Until 1917 he attends the University of Theology from Sibiu 1949 In August his brother Login dies in Sibiu.
1951 He is named chief-librarian at the Library of the Romanian Academy from Cluj.
1916 During the summer, he visits Vienna, where he comes into contact with expressionism. He spends his time reading philosophy books in the library. 
1917 He graduates from the University of Theology, and in the autumn he begins his studies for his PhD in Vienna 1952 His brother Lionel dies in Sibiu
1953 He works as a librarian
1920 He takes his PhD in philosophy at the University of Philosophy from Vienna.  1954 He becomes deputy-manager of the Library of the Romanian Academy.
1921 He begins an intense activity as a journalist, and he is given the Adamachi prize of the Romanian Academy 1958 The first volume from G.E. Lessing's Works appears in his translation
1924 Between 1924 and 1925 he lives in Lugoj 1960 He is hospitalized in Cluj
1928 He is named press attaché at the Romanian Legacy from Berne 1961 On 6 May Lucian Blaga dies. He was buried on his birthday, 9 May.